Sunday 28 June 2009

My missing dogs

Last week, I was on a field trip for 3 days. Usually, when I came back, my three dogs greeted me and they caressed my legs and waved their tails to express that they are expecting my return. But this time, when I was home, I saw none of them. Where have they been, I wonder?

I asked my neighbour and she told me that the dogs were taken by municipality office. And that was arranged by my house owner! I was surprised. What’s wrong with my dogs and my house owners?

Perhaps, we live in a row of rooms which the local people called apartment. My neighbour then told me that a new family arrived next to my room and they have two children not older than five. They don’t like the dogs. They are afraid that the fleas and ticks of the dogs will endanger their children.

Well, it is true. My dogs are not that clean because they are street dogs. I said my dogs but am I taking care of them fully? I had them shot vaccinations and gave them food and clean them. That’s all what I have done for them. Then, I only could say, I looked after them but I do not own them.

To cut it short, the new arriving family talked about the dogs to the house owner and since she is not very much happy that I was taking care of these dogs, then she informed the municipality and then the dogs were taken away. Having heard about it at first, I was furious. But later on I think about it, my new neighbour, as a mother, she feels very worried for her children. She would do anything not to get her children hurt. This is the love of the mother. She is right to do that.

What about me? I say that I am looking after the dogs but I did not really take the responsibility. I love them and they are my friends. They guarded my house and they greeted me when I came home. Dogs are the most faithful living creatures. I am not sure and still thinking whether I would go and even look for them when they were taken but I am sure they would sacrifice their lives for me if needed.

Working in a strange land makes me feel lonely. And I always want to have accompany and someone to talk to. This is my problem. I always go out during weekend, and whenever I came back late getting drunk, I talked to them. They might or might not understand what I was saying but they waved their hand and showed their smiling doggy faces and wanted to please me that they are listening to me. I miss them terribly but I would let them go.

Sometimes, I am thinking about someone I love. There were too much rules that tightened him unable or uneasy to move. Who set the rules? It was me. I wasn’t fair on him. And I felt so annoying and reckless having to leave him and ceased the relationship. Perhaps, it is our lives. Can LOVE be born between homosexuals?

My answer is YES. There could be when the cultures and traditions are no longer borders and when the rights of the homosexuals are respected and taken into account in the course of honesty. LUST can be found everyone but LOVE is missing in a secret place.

People think that gays or homosexuals would like to have sex with every man. But it is not true. There is an in-depth philosophy that no one could understand the love of a homosexual. I wish my LOVE is understood.

“In memories of E-Kaew, E-Kolab and I-Dum who were taken by municipality on 21 May 2009.”

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