Wednesday 27 May 2009

Reflected Best Self Exercise

The followings are contributions from my colleagues and friends for my assignment with Gonzaga University called

“Reflected Self Best Exercise”.

I thank all my friends and colleagues for their help.

1) PHYUSIN NGWETHAW (MS), Programme Analyst

European Commission Humanitarian Office – ECHO, Field Office



One of the ways that he adds values and makes important contribution is organization and coordination skill. I think of the time that when I was working with ICRC, David was in charge of Chancellery department. He was responsible for the transmitting all the messages to the persons concerned in different department. In addition, he was taking charge of keeping achieves of all the important documents in and out of the office. All has to be kept hard copies as well as soft copies. Information systems are really cumbersome as ICRC has to take care of confidential information. He can make this system functional among the 4 operation departments and 3 administrative departments in ICRC Yangon. He could manage in time delivery as well as correct delivery to all the departments.


I think of the time that when I established e IHL library data base for the communication department I was working as a communication officer in ICRC Yangon. ICRC has diverse database system for the different activities and for tools and guidelines. Although it had been in place long time ago, there was no body capable of to put them onto use. With the recruitment of David, all the data bases were functional. In addition, he set out training sessions among colleagues how to use these databases and how to make them alive. Finally, this e IHL library becomes a library which is important not only for ICRC internal use but also for other stake holders of ICRC such as Burma/Myanmar authority, Law professionals of the country.

2) YODTAD PANSWAD (MR), Resettlement (Best Interest Determination – BID) Clerk

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, Field Office


capacity to finish work within a short period of time

When I need to get the translation done immediately, I always know I can always count on David. Unlike many other interpreters, some of whom have more experiences than him, he can always finish work (translation and others) within a short period of time, and, more importantly, with excellent result. I am always impressed at how quickly he can work, yet still manage to maintain his high standard without any supervision. His capacity to work independently under a short period of time has helped me working on the BID cases easier and much faster. He is a true asset of the BID team.

Patience and ability to work under pressure

David has never complained when he has to work for long hours or with many diffuclt cases in one day. He is always patient, and tries to make his colleagues (myself, included) more relaxed, and happy. When we face with many complicated cases, be it domestic violence or SGBV cases, or even the ones where the refugees keep hiding the truth, it is very easy to get frustrated and lose control of ourselves. During these circumstances, David has always shown his professionalism in hiding his emotions, and handling himself and working with grace and patience, which, to me, is very admirable.

ability to communicate

David has strong communication skill, be it in English, Burmese, and Karen. He can always deliver complete and accurate messages in the aforementioned languages. For example, sometimes when I am in the camp, and the refugees want to tell me something, David can always pass on all of the messages without missing anything, making the communication between me and the refugee run smoothly, and with accuracy.

3) NAW DOREEN (MS), Community Services Clerk

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, Field Office

Kanchanaburi, THAILAND


I think of the time that we were working together at one of the organization in a remote area of Thailand. One morning before I went to work, there was a heavy rain and it was difficult to find a public transportation around my place. As I knew you had a motorbike, I called you to pick me up. Although you stayed far from me, you asked me to wait for a while and you came all the way through the heavy rain. I was so thankful that I could get into my office on time although I felt some wet on my cloth. However, I was surprised when you told me you had to pick up another friend like me waiting for his ride as you dropped me off and you took off swiftly. A moment later, I saw you came back with your entire cloth was soak in water but your smile on your face didn’t wear off. The next day you could not come to work because you had suffered from a cold. I visited you that evening but you greeted me with a smile as if you didn’t feel a thing. You told me that you were going to be fine and not to worry. That moment, I recalled the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

4) SAW YURI GALLER (MR), Operations Clerk

International Office of Migration – IOM, Processing Centre


While I am having trouble with my personal problems, and at the same time I can’t tell my problems to any friend, David is the one I openly talk and share my problems and he always ending up giving me good advices. He is a trustworthy person.

I always got help from David when I need it... He gives me his precious time even though he got urgent things to do. I usually call him at 4 am on arrival from Bangkok to Mae sot bus station to pick me up. One day it was raining and it was very cold and I ask him to pick me up and send me back to home. He came with his big smile under that cold rain and sends me back to my home.

One morning, about 3 am while I came back from night club with my husband, quarreling and fighting with him. I left my motor cycle at the market and I got a big fight with my husband while walking back to home. I totally forgot that I left my motorcycle at the market. Again it was David who helps this out and finally sends my motorcycle back to my home with sleepy eyes.

5) HNIN PWING PHYU (MS), ICT Collaboration Specialist

Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Office - MBDS


Ability to understand and comfort other people

I think of the time that I was suffering sadness caused by some people who treat me very badly; you comfort me, encourage me and pull me out of the mess. You can understand me and can motivate me to get out of it. I keep your kind consolation always in my mind and count you as my best friend since then.

Being a good friend even in the difficulties

I think of the time that you called me and told me you are coming to Bangkok and asked me what I want you to buy from your place. Though you have a lot of things to bring it along with you and though you were a bit broke at that time (which I knew later), you bought a lot of fried pork for me which last for about 2 weeks to finish all. That also is one more thing I appreciate you and it proves that you are kind, generous and love to contribute as much as you could to people and to your friends.

Manage your schedule depends on the needs of friends

I think of the time that you came to Bangkok and had a lot of things to do, though your schedule was too tight, you shared your very few free time with us by visiting to us. As you know students are always broke, you always come to us. Never asked us to come see you as you don’t want us spend money for transportation. Whenever you come, you always treat us well at good restaurants. It results you with no saving money throughout the whole month but you never upset with it and keep smiling on your face.

6) NAPAT KIRIKOEKKONG (MS), Resettlement Interpreter

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, Field Office


One of your greatest strengths is:

You pay attention to everything you do and everyone around you, you do everything you can in your ability to get the work done whether it is your responsibility or not. I remember the time you were taking notes for Kob when you were interviewing some refugee up in Umpium camp. It wasn’t your job to do so but you didn’t mind doing it, and all the intention for doing was to help that poor refugee. You understand their problem and you put yourself in other’s people shoes.

What I value most in my relationship with you is:

You are like my brother, sister, and my family. I always get the sense of people after the first I’ve met them. The sense that I got from you is that you are friendly, honest, and good hearted. I can talk about anything with you. I remember the time when I asked you about your sexuality, your openness and clear responses to my questions were obvious that you trust me. Therefore, I feel that I can always trust you. Another thing is that whenever you need help with anything I am one of the first people you would think of and you would call. This makes me feel that I can always count on you and you will always be there for me whenever I need anything.

One thing that I think is unique about you (in a good way) is:

You are obviously unique! But the one thing that I think is unique about you is that your intelligence. You are one of the smartest people I have ever met and your intelligence is obviously remarkable. Your musical intelligence both in singing and playing instrument is very impressive to me, not to mention your intelligence in languages. You are one unique, young, smart, talented human being and it is my honor to have you as a friend.

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